Hotbox Vape

The Hotbox Disposable Vape by The Puff Brands introduces a revolutionary 7500-puff disposable vape with a cutting-edge mesh coil system and 5% synthetic nicotine. This innovative proprietary mesh coil design delivers unparalleled flavor production, making it the leader among disposable vapes in the market. The Hotbox is a compact, lightweight, and portable device that allows users to vape worry-free. With its 16.0mL pre-filled tank of Synthetic Nicotine and various flavor profiles, it's the ultimate on-the-go vaping companion. Plus, its integrated 700mAh rechargeable battery ensures a lasting vaping experience of up to 7500 puffs.

Experience unrivaled flavor and convenience with the Hotbox Disposable Vape by The Puff Brands. Try it now and discover why it's the ultimate on-the-go vaping device.

Esmokys has found the solution to your vaping needs with their rechargeable Hotbox Disposable Vapes. These vapes not only offer convenience and ease of use but also have a longer lifespan compared to traditional vapes.

How to Use the Hotbox Disposable Vape

1. Remove the rubber cap from the top of the cartridge.

2. Screw the cartridge onto the rechargeable battery.

3. Press the button on the battery to activate the vape.

4. Draw on the mouthpiece and enjoy your vape.

5. When the cartridge is empty, dispose of it and replace it with a new one.

Hotbox Vape Flavors

Esmokys provides a wide selection of enticing Hotbox vape flavors to satisfy every palate. From the tantalizing Blue Raspberry and refreshing Strawberry Lemonade to the tropical Mango and invigorating Watermelon, we have a flavor to suit every preference. Let's not forget the crisp and soothing Mint flavor, perfect for a relaxing vaping experience. Explore our popular flavors and find your new favorite today.